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July 10, 2021


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Marketing AssistantConsortium eLearning Network Private LimitedJob location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


  • Takes care of delegated direct, tele, and web-based marketing keeping domestic clients under the purview
  • Builds and maintains good relationships with a wide range of stakeholders viz. authors, reviewers, editors, subscribers/ booksellers. Co-operates and co-ordinates with the Publication Research Executives at one hand and the Publication coordinators on the other, to strategize on marketing plans
  • Co-ordinates with the institutional/ corporate clients: vendors (domestic/ overseas)- subscribers of the journals/ buyers of books, reports, etc., and manages the relevant database (s),
  • Organizes and maintains publicity/ marketing materials production viz. brochures, flyers, and posters, etc., and arranges their effective distribution.
  • Analyzes monthly and yearly sales figures to determine stock fluctuations and flag problem areas.
  • Does- market research, brand awareness, customer surveys, and analyze demands of the customers.
  • Customer Service, Sales and Marketing support


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