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International Journal of Ceramics and Ceramic Technology

Ceramics and Ceramic Technology
Type of Publication:Peer-reviewed Journal
Journal DOI:10.37628/IJCCT
Started Since:2015
Indexing:Google Scholar
2022 Volume: 8Issue/Frequency: 2
Type of Access:Subscription Based, Open Access
Mode of Subscription:Print, Online and Print+Online Journals
Online Publishing Platform:Open Journal Systems
Country of Origin:India
  • Traditional Ceramic and Culture Heritage.
  • Oxide and Non-oxide ceramics
  • Functional Glasses and Glass Ceramics
  • Amorphous inorganic non-metallic materials
  • Airframes manufacturing, aircraft engines and space shuttles tiles.
  • Bio-medical implants
  • Space Shuttle Program and Ballistic Protection
  • Nuclear Fuel Uranium and Oxide Pellets
  • Jet engine turbine blades and gas burner nozzles
  • Advanced ceramics and ceramic-based composites
  • Covers Processing, Characterization of materials
  • Chemical Ceramic Technology
  • Electronic Ceramics
  • Structural Ceramics
  • Bio Ceramics