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Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology

Fracture and Damage Mechanics
 Type of Publication: Peer-reviewed Journal
 Language: English
 Journal DOI: 10.37628/IJFDM
 Started Since: 2015
 2022 Volume: 8, Issues Per Year: 2
 Indexing: Google Scholar
 Impact Factor/Ranking: -
 Type of Access: Subscription Based, Open Access
 Mode of Subscription: Print, Online and Print+Online Journals
 Publisher: Journals Pub
 Online Publishing Platform: Open Journal Systems
 Country of Origin: India
• Elastic instability, Gross plastic deformation, Tensile instability
• Creep damage and creep-fatigue interaction
• Low and high cycle fatigue damage
• Brittle/elastic damage, friction and wear
• Ductile/plastic damage, corrosion of metals, alloys
• Strain softening and strain-rate sensitivity damage
• Impact damage, mechanical characterization of composites ( glass, fibers etc )
• Modeling and numerical simulation
• Elastic-plastic, Wear behavior of composites, metal Metrix composites, hybrid composites, fly ash etc
• Crack incubation and propagation, gas exhaustion. engine exhaustion • Crack and fracture repair Techniques
• Damage Tolerance and fracture Control, Pyrolysis