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International Journal of Animal Biotechnology and Applications

  Type of Publication  Peer-reviewed Journal
  Language    English
  ISSN  2455–7315
  Journal DOI  10.37628/IJCBCP
  Indexing  Google Scholar, Journal TOC
  Issues Per Year  2 Issues
  Type of Access  Subscription Based, Open Access
  Started Since  2015
  Online Publishing Platform  Open Journal System
  Impact factor  6.041
  Publisher  JournalsPub
  Country of Origin:  India
• Transgenic Technology
• Reproductive Biotechnology
• Infectious Diseases
• Bioinformatics and Nutrition Enrichment
• Transgenic animals
• Animal Cell Culture
• Probiotics & Feed Biotechnology
• Gene Cloning And Expression
• Stem cells
• Cryopreservation
• Animal tissue culture
• Recombinant DNA technology