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International Journal Of Concrete Technology

  Type of Publication:  Peer-reviewed Journal
  Language:  English
  ISSN:  2456-8317(e)
  Journal DOI:  10.37628/IJCT
  Indexing:  SJIF, Journal TOC, Google Scholar
  Issues Per Year:  2 Issues
  Type of Access:  Subscription Based, Open Access
  Started Since:  2015
  Impact Factor  4.248
  Abbreviation :  IJCT
  Publisher:  STM Journals, Consortium e-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.
  Country of Origin:  India
• Advanced Concrete Technology
• Self-drying concrete technology
• Cement accelerator
• Concrete canoe
• Concrete leveling
• Concrete mixer
• Concrete masonry unit
• Concrete moisture meter
• Concrete plant
• Concrete recycling
• Concrete step barrier
• Concrete sealers
• Reinforced concrete