*STM Publications provides hard copy and electronic reprints of articles from over 100 journals.*

Hard copy Reprints

Bulk reprints are an effective marketing & communication about latest research, product launches, CSR initiatives.
STM Journals can customize your order with branding, advertising as per the request. We are happy to discuss your requests & processing orders & quotes.

Other Reprint Ideas

  • Custom collection of number of articles to create a compendium.
  • Advertising as per beneficial positioning in the journal.
STM Journals can also provide electronic Print options that are uniquely designed to allow access to an article across a wide range of devices like CD, DVD, USB, Website or on Email. Articles are encrypted for protection.All requests will go through editorial team which conforms to ethical norms in regards for marketing & branding activity in journal.

Request a Quote

For a quotation request, kindly send the following information:
  • Journal name, volume, issue number, page numbers & title of article/s.
  • Number of copies.
  • Are you requesting on behalf of a client or it's a direct purchase.
The minimum order quantity for hard copy & E- reprints is 100.


For further information, or to request a quote, kindly email us on [email protected] with the subject 'Reprint Request' or call on +910120 4781 225.