All Applied Mechanics Journals List

Journal CodeJournal NameStarted Since
IJEMMBInternational Journal of Electro Mechanics and Mechanical Behaviour2015 - Present
IJMDM International Journal of Machine Design and Manufacturing 2015 - Present
IJSMFEInternational Journal of Structural Mechanics and finite elements 2015 - Present
IJMDAInternational Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis 2015 - Present
IJFDMInternational Journal of Fracture and damage Mechanics 2015 - Present

Applied Mechanics Journals

Applied Mechanics Journals are Published under the STM Journals imprint, STM Journals manages 250+ peer-reviewed journals that cover the core chemical sciences including related fields such as biology, biophysics, energy and environment, engineering, materials, medicine and physics.


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Applied Mechanics Journals

All Applied Mechanics Journals ListJournal CodeJournal NameStarted SinceIJEMMBInternational Journal of Electro Mechanics

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