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Journal Code Journal NameStarted Since
JEDTBWJournal of Electronic Design Technology 2010 - Present
CTSP Current Trends in Signal Processing 2011 - Present
TOEOC Trends in Opto-electro & Optical Communication 2011 - Present
JoSDCJournal of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits 2014 - Present
JoMSD Journal of Microelectronics and Solid State Devices 2014- Present
TOEOCRecent Trends in Electronics Communication Systems 2011 - Present
JoMEA Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications 2014 - Present
JoMET Journal of Microwave Engineering Technologies 2014 - Present
JoTSSNJournal of Telecommunication, Switching Systems and Networks 2014 - Present
RTSRT Recent Trends in Sensor Research Technology 2014 - Present
IJRFDInternational Journal of Radio Frequency Design 2011 - Present
IJRFDInternational Journal of VLSI Design and Technology 2015 - Present
IJESETInternational Journal of Embedded Systems and Emerging Technologies 2015 - Present
IJDEInternational Journal of Digital Electronics 2015 - Present
IJDCASInternational Journal of Digital Communication and Analog Signals 2015 - Present
IJMETInternational Journal of Microwave Engineering and Technology 2015 - Present
IJSCRSInternational Journal of Satellite Communication Remote Sensing 2015 - Present
IJBCCInternational Journal of Broadband Cellular Communication 2015 - Present
IJTETInternational Journal of Telecommunications Emerging Technologies 2015 - Present
IJoSInternational Journal of Optical sciences 2011 - Present
IJSSMInternational Journal of Solid State Materials 2015 - Present

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Electronics Related Journals are Published under the STM Journals imprint, STM Journals manages 250+ peer-reviewed journals that cover the core chemical sciences including related fields such as biology, biophysics, energy and environment, engineering, materials, medicine and physics.

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All  Electronics Journals List Journal Code Journal NameStarted SinceJEDTBWJournal of Electronic Design

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