Journal of Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence: JCLJ deals with Constitutional law, which is paramount law of the land and Jurisprudence, which is the theoretical study of laws and principles. The base of Constitutional Law is its philosophy, called ‘Constitutional Jurisprudence’. Constitutional Law determines the fundamental rights of citizens and the obligations of ‘the State’. While discharging the functions under the Constitution, the State is expected to ensure protection of its provisions and philosophy. In the present contexts, many issues are being emerged along with pre existing Constitutional issues. The academia is morally responsible and responsive to synthesise these issues.
Type of Publication:Peer-reviewed Journal (Refreed Journal)
Journal DOI:10.37591/JCLJ
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Issues Per Year:2 Issues
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Started Since:2018
Country of Origin:India
Publisher:STM Journals, Consortium e-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.

Focus and Scope:

  • The Constitutional Jurisprudence: Concept, influence, and significance.
  • The Fundamental Rights issues.
  • The Constitutional significance, application and implementation of the Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • The contemporary ‘Social Justice’, ‘Gender Justice’ and ‘Minority Interests’ issues.
  • The impact of new social, economic and political mandates on role of ‘the State’ as Welfare State.
  • Legislature in a neo-political trend and Constitutional mandate.
  • Constitutional Democracy versus religious politics.
  • Judiciary under the Constitution: its independence, activism, and Reservation in Judiciary.
  • Confrontation in Legislature, Executive and Judiciary: Constitutional perspectives.
  • Local Self Government: Constitutional status and its role in attaining Constitutional goals.
  • Federalism and Constitutional Issues.
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    All contributions to the journal are rigorously refereed and are selected on the basis of quality and originality of the work. The journal publishes the most significant new research papers or any other original contribution in the form of reviews and reports on new concepts in all areas pertaining to its scope and research being done in the world, thus ensuring its scientific priority and significance.

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