OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal

ISSN: 2231-0398 (Online), 2347-9949 (Print)
Impact Factor: 6.524
OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal (OSMJ) Omniscience attempts to bring-out primarily, rich research and review papers embodying the concepts that fall under the scope of the definition of omniscience, i.e. being universal in nature knowing everything unlimited knowledge. The Journal seeks to encompass the well sought- after domains of Science and Spirituality.
Type of Publication:Peer-reviewed Journal
ISSN:2231-0398 (Online), 2347-9949 (Print)
Journal DOI:10.37591/osmj
Indexing:Google Scholar, TOC, Crossref, SJIF,Indian Science Abstracts, CITE Factor, Index Copernicus
Issues Per Year:3 Issues
Type of Access:Subscription Based, Hybrid Open Access
Started Since:2014
Impact Factor6.524
Publisher:STM Journals, Consortium e-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin:India
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Focus and Scope:

  • Language & Communication
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Theology
  • Metaphysics
  • Social Science
  • Information Science
  • Human Beliefs and Spiritual Values
  • Moral Studies, Virtues and Values
  • Motivational Thoughts and Theories
  • Science and Religion
  • Natural Sciences
  • Indexing

    Submission of Paper:

    Manuscripts are invited from academicians, students, research scholars and faculties for publication consideration. Papers are accepted for editorial consideration through email [email protected]

    Plagiarism: All the articles will be check through Plagiarism Software before publication.  

    Subject: life Sciences